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Mums the Word!

It’s almost mum season! Many of the bright colors produced by calibrachoas and petunias are gone from the nursery, having been replaced with a sea of small, round green plants laid out in neat rows as far as the eye can see. It’s almost impossible to tell what color they will be when the color… Read More Mums the Word!

Gardening 101: How to Pot a Plant

PRO TIP: Choose your container, ensuring that the container isn’t too much bigger than the plant itself with about an extra inch all the way around. Step 1: Gently squeeze the container that the plant is in to loosen the root ball. Cup your hand around the base of the plant and gently pull the… Read More Gardening 101: How to Pot a Plant

Establishing Roots

We now have mums in the fields establishing their roots for this fall! The nursery is excited to see them fill out and crack color in the coming months. Speaking of establishing roots; I am in the process of spreading and further establishing mine here at JNC. I will be changing roles away from being… Read More Establishing Roots

Plants That Love the Heat!

Summer has arrived! While we can usually escape inside to the bliss of air conditioning, outdoor plants are stuck in the dirt under the sweltering sun. What can we do to give them a break, notice when our plants are struggling, and help them recover from heat stress? How hot is hot? Charlotte W. with… Read More Plants That Love the Heat!


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