Mums the Word!

It’s almost mum season! Many of the bright colors produced by calibrachoas and petunias are gone from the nursery, having been replaced with a sea of small, round green plants laid out in neat rows as far as the eye can see. It’s almost impossible to tell what color they will be when the color finally cracks through the buds and they begin to bloom. 

What’s so special about Belgian Mums®? An upgrade to the traditional Garden Mum, these fall flowers provide stunning color across the entire plant! Grown here at Johnson Nursery in Willard, North Carolina, they have a ball-shaped mounding habit and come in over 40 beautiful colors and 3 stunning combos. Generally available from September to November, they are easy to maintain, enjoy full sun, and bloom for about 6 weeks during the fall with a mature plant size of 12 to 20 inches. Our mums are available in both 8-inch and 12-inch pots. 

Early, mid and late season bloomers are available so you can get that fall color all season long. These beautiful flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds while resisting deer and rabbits. Belgian Mums are perennials, so you can even plant it in your yard or a container and they’ll come back, year after year. Place these on your doorstep, patio, or even plant them in your yard for amazing color all through the Fall.

Come by and get your mums at our Garden Center ( or at the Fall Festival ( on October 22!

Guest Blogger

Wendi Epps,

Social Media Manager at Johnson Nursery

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