The Unsung Heroes – Pollinator Appreciation

Did you know: Over 80% of the world’s plants must have a pollinator in order to reproduce? Pollination is a simple act of transference; pollen grains from the anther (male) to the stigma (female). Since the majority of our botanical beauties remain in place, it is crucial for them to find an outside stimuli for… Read More The Unsung Heroes – Pollinator Appreciation

10 Common Landscaping Myths and their Truths

There are a plethora of landscaping and plant myths that circulate between homeowners. Some may carry value while the vast majority do not. The first thing you should do is question any advice that comes your way because landscaping is not a ‘one size fits all’ concept. Generally speaking, most of these myths will originate… Read More 10 Common Landscaping Myths and their Truths